Not shocking, but we found even more food we love and think more meals should be made up entirely of fries like these three fried concoctions.

1. Mozambique Cheesy Fry Tower at Atlantic Sports Bar & Restaurant in Tiverton.

This cheesy tower is what made us want to eat all of the other french fry goodies around town. Atlantic's famous Fry Tower is made up entirely of cheesy fries tossed in Mozambique sauce with chouriço and bacon bits, and then smothered with melted cheese. Share it with a friend- there's more than enough for two!

fry tower


2. The Chourice & Chips Pizza from Millenium Pizza, Fall River

This hand-tossed slice of heaven is made fresh to order by the pizza-geniuses at Millenium. It's nothing more than what it sounds like; chourico, french fries and melty, ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese.

Chourice and chip pizza Millenium Pizza Eme LYelp


3. The Portuguese Poutine Fries at Cask & Pig Kitchen and Alehouse in Dartmouth

It's hard to tell based on the photo alone but this dish is loaded with house-cut friends, sao jorge cheese, crumbled linguica and steak sauce. You can even add an egg, sunny side up!

fry poutine


Honorable Mention:  All Friends Smokehouse Loaded Fries who put out a platter of hand-cut steak fries topped with pulled pork, house-made bacon, and BBQ sauce. (Cheese and sour cream, too, duh.)  Its an appetizer, sure, but you've got to be a pretty big eater to put away food after this.

All Friends Loaded Fries

Honorable Honorable Mention:  We've never eaten in real life but we're going to add it to our wish list if we can ever find it on their menu; it may or may not be called  Tater Tot Poutine by 2 Jerks BBQ Kitchen & Bar in Raynham.  it also isn't quite fries but who cares- fried potato by any other name is just as tastey.

tater tot poutine

Get out there and clog those arteries, kids!  The best thing about living on the Southcoast is all the fun ways to eat meat and cheese.  Also, come spend your $20 at our own Brews & BBQ this September!  Tickets at the link below:

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