I was always aware that new moms don't get a ton of sleep, but it turns out expectant moms don't sleep that much either.

As my belly gets bigger and bigger, it seems like my hours of sleep become fewer and fewer.

From waking up in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks to simply finding a comfortable position for my ever growing body, sleep is hard to come by these days. And it seems the further into this pregnancy I get, the more difficult it is.

I get that hormones can factor into the ability to fall asleep (and stay asleep), but there's got to be a trick or two to getting some shut eye...right?

I've picked up a lavender spray for the bed sheets, got one of those C-shaped body pillows (called a Snoogle) to help prop my body into a comfy position each night and yet some nights it literally takes hours to finally zonk out.

Is there a tip or trick I'm not thinking of that worked well for you? How have you battled through sleepless pregnant nights and what helpful hints can you offer this mom-to-be that just wants a better night's sleep?

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