It's been a law for decades. As a matter of fact, if you have ever gone to donate blood and have taken the questionnaire, then you may know what I'm talking about.

Somehow, who you have "relations" within the bedroom will not allow you to donate blood.

Yes, If you had intercourse with someone of the same sex since the year 1984, you are legally not allowed to donate blood. The reason given to me was that I'm too "high risk" to spread diseases such as HIV, so I can't donate. Apparently, they have updated the law recently that actually says if you have had relations with someone of the same sex within the past year you can't donate because you are too high risk.

In recent months, the topic has come up again. This is due in part to our political climate right now and the presidential election has brought on plenty of Democratic candidates that have made clear their priorities on social issues. One of the candidates has made it clear that they want to take away any ban against the LGBTQ community donating blood.

My opinion as a homosexual male? I have tried numerous times to donate blood, hoping that I could, only to be pulled into a room and privately told why I was not able to donate. I really don't understand why. My exposure to disease is just as likely as anyone else. Times have changed. I understand there was an epidemic in the 80s, but that was almost forty years ago.

I'd love to know what you think about allowing those of any sexuality to donate blood.

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