There has been a very sad looking seal at Roger William Park Zoo all summer and I really think they need to find him a new friend.

Back in late May, Roger Williams Park Zoo announced the sudden passing of their 19-year-old harbor seal Action.

Zoo patrons as well as staff were incredibly saddened by the unexpected news, but no one has looked nearly as sad as Action's swim buddy, Bubba.

It seems as if every time I go to the zoo lately, Bubba is no longer swimming laps back and forth in his tank, he is simply laying around on the concrete shore above.

He honestly looks lost without Action to swim with. And every time I am at the zoo I wonder when they are going to find Bubba a new friend.

I don't know what it takes to get a new seal, but with harbor seals being fairly common in New England and Mystic Aquarium further on down Interstate 95 rehabilitating harbor seals all the time, shouldn't getting a new seal at the zoo be easy?

Is it a money thing? Because seeing that seal so unhappy would be more than enough motivation to get the funds raised I am sure.

Maybe I'm just missing Bubba's happier times, but as a zoo member with young kids I am at Roger Williams Park Zoo quite often. And for the last four months or so, every time I go Bubba is laying on the concrete. Never swimming.

I for one want to see Bubba swim again. And if having a tank buddy to swim with is what it takes, I'd love to help make that happen.

So let us know Roger Williams Park Zoo...what can we do to help Bubba?

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