Just days after the dinosaurs disappeared from Roger Williams Park Zoo, the park is already preparing for it's next big event.

The Jack O' Lantern Spectacular, is set to return on September 28 and pumpkin preparation is already underway for this seasonal favorite.

The wetlands trail will soon hold thousands of intricately carved pumpkins and this year's theme will take visitors around the world.

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What is the 2023 Jack O' Lantern Spectacular Theme?

This season the zoo has chosen the theme 'Pumpkins Around the World'. That means many of the pumpkins will be carved to magically transport visitors to Europe, Africa, Asia, and even down Route 66.

Plans for sites like the Pyramids of Giza and the Tower of Pisa are just some of the carvings for their 5,000 pumpkins. Giving zoogoers the chance to explore their wanderlust without ever leaving the East Coast.

2023 Jack O' Lantern Spectacular Family Fun Nights

As the JOLS season takes over the zoo from Sept. 28 to Oct. 31, there will be a few family fun night events. The special nights don't change the ticket price, but add a little extra fun for the little ones.

Dragon & Princess Night - Tuesday & Wednesday Oct. 10 and 11, 6 to 8 p.m.

Costumed characters will have a special meet & greet with kids before they head onto the pumpkin trail. Kid costumes are encouraged as well and participants must be in line by 7:45 P.M.

Will there be sensory-friendly nights at the 2023 Jack-o'-lantern Spectacular?

Yes, the zoo is hosting several sensory-friendly nights designed for those with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing differences.

On Monday, Oct. 23, and Tuesday, Oct. 24, for an hour before the trail opens to the public, the pumpkins will be lit along the wetland trail, but the music and special effects will be turned off to provide maximum enjoyment for everyone.

Tickets for all nights are on sale now at the zoo's website and signs of this season's pumpkins are already arriving around the zoo.

But the pumpkins aren't the only way to get a taste of Europe right in our own backyard.

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