Four harbor seals were rescued as babies off several beaches around New England earlier this year were released back to the ocean at Gooseberry Island this week.

People that were on site said that the seals were a little hesitant to make their way to the water. I'm guessing that's probably because they hadn't been in the ocean in months, but maybe they knew Shark Week is coming up.

I don't think there is enough cuteness in the world right now. These baby seals have the most adorable faces and I could be happier to see them make their way back to their home in the ocean.

I truly wish I could have been on Gooseberry Island in Westport to witness the release first hand but luckily it was captured and posted to Facebook. The video does an amazing job introducing us to these amazing pups (the term for a baby seal) and telling us their story.

As you may have heard, these seals were given names and were rescued from all different parts of New England.

In the video, the National Marine Life Center mentioned it had to close one of its centers which limits the amount of space it has to house and nurture these seals back to life.

Here's hoping these four seals have made their way through Buzzards Bay to their homes out into the ocean safely. While it's unlikely any of us will run into these adorable seals, I'm going to keep my eye out.

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