Lord Almighty, who knew heaven was a place called Lorenzo's?

I broadcasted from Middleboro Wednesday at the family-owned Lorenzo's Italian Restaurant. The sun was shining and I was taking advantage of the gorgeous outdoor patio area complete with a full bar, an entertainment stage for bands on the weekends, tables to enjoy a hearty meal, and a tent to keep the sun off your back.

It's safe to say that I was living the good life, and the best was yet to come.

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About 10 minutes into my shift, second-generation owner Angela Maffeo and her son- Peter (third-generation owner) surprised me with an incredible 7-foot Italian grinder that was so picturesque, I didn't dare dive into it. Well, not right away, at least.

Established in 1950, this Middleboro staple of Italian flair has outdone itself throughout the years and this-here-giant-sub speaks volumes.

Perfect for graduation parties, outdoor functions and barbecues, this Italian masterpiece goes for $89.95. Now, when I say that the ingredients are as fresh as it gets, I'm not lying. The cheese and meats are cut in-house, the bread is baked daily, and the vegetables are washed and prepared with love. A sandwich of its mass doesn't get any better than that.

These giant grinders get pumped out weekly, so the Maffeos and their staff are accustomed to giving prompt service.

I did about two feet deep of damage before calling it quits, but it was worth every bite.

Think you can take on this grinder alone? I'd be impressed if anyone even came close.

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