National Random Acts of Kindness Day was on Monday, February 17. I, like most people, had the day off. So I honestly kind of forgot about it as I was thrown off my normal routine. However, I was reminded today due to an awesome person in my life.

My mom, Renata Silvia, is a very special soul. Let me give you an idea of how wonderful she is. This morning, I forgot my coffee at home. A tragedy, yes, but I called my mom to let her know that I made a coffee and left it on the counter in case she wanted it just so that it didn't go to waste. Was I sad for a solid 5 minutes that I abandoned a delicious cup of joe like that? Of course. But that first-world problem quickly corrected itself when Wonder Woman, aka my mother, saved the day.

She drove 15 minutes from Dartmouth to Fairhaven to drop off my travel mug just so that I could start my day the right way; fully caffeinated.

Some heroes do not wear capes. They wear their puffy coats, sunglasses, and drive minivans as they save the day, or at least the morning. And then they try to drive off as you chase them in the parking lot to give them a hug and a kiss to properly thank them for their kind gesture. Yes, that actually happened. Ask literally anyone on the Rock & Fox Show. They are witnesses to this spectacle.

Thank you, mom, for this act of kindness. It might not be totally random, but it's a gesture I will never forget. I love you.

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