I really enjoy the spooky season, but I enjoy scary stories any time of year. I have always been a fan of scary movies, ghostly tales, and paranormal reports. As a kid, I was running home to watch Ancient Aliens after school instead of soap operas like some of my friends, and nowadays I casually enjoy thriller movies even when I’m home alone. I guess you could say I enjoy the thrill of it all.

When I heard that the SouthCoast was riddled with ghost stories, it had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know more, and the Fun 107 crew is lucky enough to have a paranormal investigator to aid me in all things scary.

Tim Weisberg is Digital Managing Editor for Fun 107 by day and a paranormal researcher by night, diving into the spooky side of the SouthCoast and beyond. With his help, I learned about some scary legends of the area that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

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When there are old towns like the ones we live in, history isn’t far behind, and history does not always want to stay in the past. Some spirits would like to continue to walk among us, which has created a buzz for some residents who have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to witness a frightening occurrence.

Have you heard about the ghosts residing in the New Bedford armory? How about the apparition of the Lincoln Park employee who fell from the Comet coaster? Keep scrolling to found out more, if you dare…

The Spookiest Legends of the SouthCoast

13 New Bedford Ghost Real-Life Stories

New Bedford was recently named the No. 2 city in Massachusetts for ghost encounters. These are some of the real-life ghost stories of the Whaling (or is it Wailing?) City, as submitted to GhostsofAmerica.com.

Paranormal Activity Reported in Massachusetts' Bridgewater Triangle

In his 1983 book Mysterious America, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman introduced a term he originally coined in the late 1970s – the Bridgewater Triangle – to describe an area with an abnormal level of paranormal activity and high strangeness in Southeastern Massachusetts. Over the years, the concept of the Triangle has expanded to include ghostly reports, UFO sightings, cryptid encounters, alien abductions and more across a wider swath of Southern New England.

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