The search has been on for years...but now, I am happy to say, I have finally found the best pair of leggings.

I love wearing leggings with long sweaters or sometimes when I just feel like wearing pajamas to work, but know that isn't really socially acceptable, leggings are the next best thing.

At first, I went to cheap route. Oh sweet, $7.99 leggings at H&M! Sign me up! They are that price for a reason, holes err'where within a matter of about 5 wearings. Plus, they are just about see thru, so obviously that's a no go.

Then, I thought, ok, lets go with trial and error and see which ones have the best fit and are the best quality for the best price. I tried leggings from pretty much everywhere...sometimes even the good quality leggings just didn't fit right.

The leggings that are a close second to the #1 that I will reveal in a second are from: Ann Taylor Loft. I have them in gray and black and bought them when they went on sale. They are really long, which is awesome for tall chicks like myself. They are also thick enough so they aren't see thru and are also warm in the winter, perfect! My one tiny complaint with these...they come up too high. It's like elastic waist band on my the thing that happens with pantyhose when they come up to high and it's all weird and uncomfortable...yeah, that. I thought I found the perfect pair, close, but no.

Ok, moving on to #1, are you ready for the big reveal?! The very best, most comfy, long lasting, non see thru leggings can be found at: EXPRESS!!

I have FOUR pairs of black leggings from Express. They are all exactly the same and they are all magical and awesome. They fit great, they aren't see thru and I just love, love, love them!! I always wait til they are on sale to snatch em up, so I bought them on Cyber Monday for $14.95/pair, such a good price and SO worth it!

So if you're looking for the perfect pair of leggings, look no further than Express! They hit the nail on the head with these!

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