Oh, Sean McVay, you made this way too easy for us.

Let me first catch you up on first who Sean McVay is. You probably know that he's the head coach of the NFC Champion L.A. Rams, who will take on the New England Patriots this Sunday in Super Bowl LIII. But what's so strange about this man is that he pays someone to "spot" him, keeping him out of the refs' way and make sure he's standing where he's supposed to be during games.

Here's the video that was captured during the New Orleans Saints matchup:


Now that you're caught up to speed, I'm sure you're saying that same thing we are: "What the heck did I just watch?"

All we at the Rock and Fox Show knew was that something had to be done with this, but what? Well, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you one of the more humorous internet challenges to ever surface on social media/the interwebs/YouTube:

As much as we take pride in this "challenge," we do not encourage anyone to just walk into the middle of the road or play "chicken" with oncoming traffic. In order to participate in this challenge you must abide by the following rules:

  1. Must have two and only two people involved.
  2. One person must be the "Spotter" and the other the "Head Coach."
  3. "Spotter" must follow around the "Head Coach" from within very close proximity.
  4. "Head Coach" must be taking care of, catered and kept out of harm's way by "Spotter."
  5. Must have a straight/serious face the entire time.
  6. Post video to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  7. Use the Hashtag #McVayChallenge.
  8. Be creative and strive to be the best #McVayChallenge contestants.

Lastly, always remember, it only counts if you get it on video. Otherwise, did it really count? Answer = no.

Now, go out there, spot your friends and make sure they don't get injured and kept out of the walking path of others.

Happy Spotting!


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