A recent study ranked cities and towns across the country based on their dating-friendliness...and one Rhode Island city was among the worst.

Wallethub.com says Warwick, RI is definitely the wrong place if you are looking for love.

Among the 182 cities ranked, Warwick landed at 178...yikes!

According to the site, the areas were ranked based on dating activity availability, potential mates to meet and the local cost of living.

Clearly Warwick doesn't have much to offer, cause it was ranked very low in all three categories.

Other nearby cities on the list were Worcester, MA at #127, Providence at #62 and Boston at #12.

No surprise Boston ranked Top 10 among cities with potential mates to meet and #14 for dating activities.

If you're thinking of moving just to meet someone...San Francisco topped Wallethub's list.

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