Last night could have been a magical night for the Boston Red Sox, but they come up short after a 9th inning walk-off home run by the Rays. We here, are totally blaming Scott Reiniche. 

Monday night the Tampa Bay Rays were on the brink of elimination by the resurgent Boston Red Sox. Things did not go as planned, and the Rays force a game 4 with a big home run from backup catcher Jose Lobaton.

So what cost the Red Sox the game? Was it John Farrell not walking Evan Longoria in the fifth inning, but instead allowing Longoria to hit a three-run homer? Perhaps. But we think that Scott Reiniche is just a big jinx.

Take a look at his Facebook status before the game last night:


So if you happen to see Scott Reiniche today, just tell him "thanks."

We'll see you at game 4, folks.