Ladies and Gentlemen of The Feast Of The Blessed Sacrament, I give you the newest member of the Feast Committee.... Poncho The Rooster!

Throughout the time of setting up and preparation for the 2016 Madeira Feast, Correspondent Secretary/Entertainment Committee Chairman Tony Abreu came across a wandering rooster.

Each day that passed, the rooster would come around and wasn't too shy around people. As if it was a blessing or a sign from up above (just in time for the Feast to Begin), the committee members built a very cozy house for the rooster and named it Poncho!

(Video Courtesy of Tony Abreu)

The committee plans on taking care of Poncho throughout the Feast and will find an alternate home once the festivities are over. She can be found down at the "99" on the Feast Grounds and all are welcomed to meet the friendly rooster who has graced us all with her presence this year for the 2016 Feast of the Blessed Sacrament.

Viva Portugal!

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