Drive up, stop, at the Buttonwood Park!

We're back at it again! Formerly "Cans Across the Park," the Operation Food Drop food drive has been held every year at Buttonwood Park and has continuously helped United Way of Greater New Bedford stock area food pantries for the holidays as part of their Hunger Heroes Project.

To commemorate our event that helps out the local community, I teamed up with B-Mo to bring you this most glorious rap that we like to call "Can of Peas (A.K.A. "OPERATION FOOD DROP)."

Why give instructions when you can rap them?

That's exactly what we did:

In previous years, the community has dropped off food by the truckloads, and we hope to get even more this year. Just stop by 1 Oneida Street, New Bedford, to drop off your items and we will take it from there!

Volunteers will sort through the donations right on site. Our goal is to raise enough food to create 1,000 Thanksgiving Day baskets, each inclusive of two vegetables, instant mashed potatoes, bread mix, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and dessert mixes.

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