Fussy is a word that's not in my vocabulary.

I'll be honest, I have no shame in my game and I'm willing to eat or at least try just about anything you put in front of me (to an extent). Strangely enough, and I'm sorry, but there's just something about corned beef and cabbage that turns me right off.

Obviously, I am aware that this is extremely weird to read, especially from someone who has no problem eating bugs (protein baby), but there's something about the smell of cooked cabbage that straight turns me off. As far as the corned beef goes, I'm not completely against it, just not a big fan, mostly due to the combination of the cooked cabbage.

For all I know, there are most definitely many dishes out there I might not be a fan of, also, but corned beef and cabbage has been an ultimate "NO" out of anything I've tried so far in my lifetime.

Oddly enough, this may just be a phase that I could possibly grow out of. Take for example- tomatoes. Was NEVER a fan of them growing up and would even pick them out of my salads and sandwiches. Now, I find myself craving BLT's ALL the time! I enjoy them in my sandwiches mostly and will even mix them up in a garden salad.... so strange.

I can go on with my life comfortably knowing I might be missing out on this extremely popular dish (especially around one of my favorite holidays, St. Patty's Day...), it's simply not the biggest fan with my taste buds. #EndRant


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