You may have heard that National Lampoon's Vacation was getting an update. Well it has and if the trailer is accurate, it looks hilarious.

Vacation is one of my father's favorite movies, so my sister and I were subjected to it quite often growing up. I can still appreciate it and of course watch The Griswolds enjoy their Christmas Vacation every holiday season as well.

But now, the family has grown up and a remake is coming to theaters this July.

This is going to be one of those times that I really hope the trailer is not the best parts of the movie. Cause this thing looks hilarious!

I love the line about "this Vacation will stand on its own." Very funny way to acknowledge the decades long gap in Vacation movies.

But even though they haven't made one is years, it really looks like they have nailed this one.

Great casting with Ed Helms and Christina Applegate. And shots of Chris Hemsworth in his underwear never hurt anyone either!

So do you think this movie will make your summer must see list? I know I've already got it on mine!

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