Fran Drescher has been busy getting her foot back into the acting industry. She is starring in a new series called Indebted and now she got the old crew back together.

A reunion of The Nanny is exactly what we all need right now. I'm here for it.

While I wish it was an official reboot, it's more of a gathering of old friends. According to a recent Twitter post, Fran and the crew are going to all come together and stream a re-read of the pilot episode of The Nanny, which as we all know has become a staple of a generation.

This isn't just any reunion, either. They are also bringing on the singer of the show's theme song to sing it live.

When is this happening, you ask? Well, set a reminder because I know you are busy with all your video conferencing appointments.

The Nanny cast reunion is set to take place tomorrow, April 6, on Youtube.

Watching has me freaking out! I can't be the only one who is excited about this? No denying we need a good laugh right now and Fran definitely gave us plenty of them for at least a decade. I'm glad she and the gang could get back together for a pandemic performance.

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