No denying we have spent a lot more time online and we are just hungry for content that doesn't have anything to do with the coronavirus. I got to chat with two boys from Texas that make up Surfaces, a group that has a song that has been on repeat for me for a while now.

Now you have to forgive my joke that opens the interview, the one about how "they say everything is bigger in Texas."

It's pretty amazing how these two ended up working together. It was purely coincidence that they found each other and pretty much a miracle that they actually didn't live too far from one another.

The song has been out for over a year and a half and by the power of TikTok they are getting the recognition they deserve. If you haven't heard the song "Sunday Best," it's definitely a good one.

Take a listen to it before you watch our Zoom interview:

It's a pretty sweet song that almost always puts me in a good mood. So who is behind this upbeat song? Two guys from Texas. So let's get to know them a little and watch my Zoom interview:

Don't judge my closet setup. I tried my best with lighting and even got a ring light. I have come to terms that nothing will help the glow that is my isolation.

Thoughts on these guys? Do you like the song?

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