The Social Security Administration puts out an annual list of the most popular names every spring. It’s something I look forward to reading each year, not that I’m planning on starting a family any time soon. Chalk it up to a curious mind. However, I had to wait a little longer than I normally would in order to see which 10 names topped the list in 2019. SSA determined that it would be inappropriate to publish the list earlier this year when so many were suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, SSA recently released the results for the “Top 10 Baby Names of 2019.” “Liam” was the most popular choice for parents to name their baby boys last year, with “Noah” as the runner-up. “Olivia” was the top choice for baby girls, with “Emma” as the second in the lead.

“Benjamin” was the most popular baby name for a boy in Massachusetts last year, with “Liam” coming in third place. It seems like the state agreed with the rest of the country when it came to sugar, spice, and everything nice because “Olivia” was the most popular name for a girl here. "Emma" came in third place.

You can click HERE for the full list of the most popular names in 2019. Click HERE to see how Massachusetts ranked the names.

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