Whether you're sitting on millions (probably not likely) or you just like to look at gorgeous homes that you can't afford, just to daydream about...than take a look at this property!

This is the most expensive house for sale right now in America. You can have it for a cool $139 million dollars! While it's pretty much out of everyone's price range, it is absolutely gorgeous to look at. It's the Le Palias Royal, a mansion located in Hillsboro Beach, Florida.

Here's what it has to offer: 60,000 square feet, ok, seriously, who could possibly need that much space? I'm doing just fine on 1600 square feet, but maybe that's just me. It comes with 4 acres and 465 feet of beachfront. The front doors, get this, inlayed with 22-karat gold leafing. It offers 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, wow, that's 17 toilets to clean! But hey, if you have the money for this home, I'm sure a cleaning lady or team of cleaning people, is a given.

Another impressive feature, an underground garage that can hold more than 30 cars, a putting green for the golf enthusiast, a 4,500 square-foot infinity pool and the first ever private IMAX Theatre with a 50 by 27 foot screen. Hold up, the infinity pool is 4,500 square feet? Honestly, I can't even imagine a pool that big! I feel like I would most certainly get lost in this house!

Oh and here's the kicker. The house isn't finished yet! That means there's more expensive awesomeness to come! This gorgeous mansion is expected to be done sometime next year in 2015.

Ok, my daydreaming is done for the day...it's nice to play pretend millionaire isn't it?

If you want to see all of the above features I mentioned and then some, check out the video below: