One Storm way back in 2007, provided us with this fantastic creation! If your bored and you have a lot of snow, here what 2 guys in Alberta, Canada did. Grab a tractor or some friends and make the biggest pile of snow ever! Then tunnel through the resulting mound of snow. This one took three days to build. It may look dangerous, but they were able to walk on top of the snow pile easily without breaking through.Then in May, when the snow was melting they tried to cave in the roof on purpose and it was nearly impossible. Here's the directions!

How to build:

1) don't even try unless you have at least 30cm (1 ft) of snow
2) use a tractor to pile the snow (the bigger the pile, the better)
3) if you don't own or have access to a tractor, try to locate a large pile of snow elsewhere (you can often find them at the edge of parking lots after snow has been cleared)
4) use small garden shovels or larger shovels as well as your feet to dig the tunnels. It is often helpful to have one person digging, and a second person to move the snow out of the tunnel once it has been loosened.
5) you can dig small holes to the outside to give you light, but it is more exciting if you don't!