Three contestants, one frying pan, one victorious champion.

Recently, I posted an article about a frying pan tossing competition up in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

It was the first year the Deerfield Fair is hosting the event, and as enticing as it might be to drive all the way up towards the boonies of New Hampshire, we thought to ourselves, "Why not bring the games here to the SouthCoast?"

So we did.

Just like that, The Fun 107 Frying Pan Toss-Off was born.

Michael Rock, Abby and myself each took a turn "chucking" the pan wicked far. The person who threw the pan the furthest was the 2018 champion and received bragging rights for a solid year.

Three people tossed one frying pan in a vacant parking lot. The sounds of the metal smashing into the concrete rang loudly, drowning out the smack-talk.

Without giving out a spoiler alert, I will say that the ending was both tragic and comical. Just see for yourself, you'll be shocked when you see who took home the crown. HINT: It's not who you would expect.

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