The light switch finally went on last night.   While watching something on TV and talking on the phone to her sister, who was apparently watching the same thing, my wife commented at how sexy the actor was.  

Then I thought back to the other men she's made comments about.  Enrique Iglesias (who I even arranged for her to meet in person), and the guy who plays Dante on General Hospital (pictured above).  She says he is very "fine".

These men bear no resemblance to me whatsoever.  I am not quite as scruffy, nor are my abs quite as pronounced.   I consider myself a little more distinguished looking (insert laughter here.)

It makes me wonder that if my wife met me today, would she show any interest.  But it does no good to speculate.  Maybe I don't measure up to some of those dudes when it comes to looks and physique, so I'll have to rely on my wit and charm to carry me through.

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