For years, I've been putting ketchup on top of my fries and now the internet is disgusted by my actions.

All I did was ask a simple question on my Facebook page asking if people "Dip or Drizzle" when it comes to putting ketchup on fries and it turned into a heated debate. Like most things in this world, the comments were somewhat divided with one answer dominating the other.

I'll admit right here and now that I prefer drizzling the ketchup across the spuds and will even eat it with a fork nonetheless.

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Out of 125 people, a majority would rather dip their fries into a side of ketchup rather than drizzle on top. Honestly, I'm shocked at the results and more towards the comments against people who drizzle. It's borderline blasphemy in their eyes, yet I'm over here saturating my steak fries with a hefty amount of ketchup. The less-sugar ketchup, too, if I might add.

The statistics are as follows:

  • Dippers (on the side) = 73
  • Drizzlers (they like it on top) = 13
  • Both ways (ketchup swingers) = 25
  • Neither (they think ketchup is gross) = 14

Some made a good point concerning the different types of fries, the amount of fries, and even the shape of the ketchup bottle. It's solid logic if you think about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a dipper- I go both ways when it comes to ketchup.

For instance: If I'm out to eat at a diner and the bottle of ketchup is the old-fashioned style where you have to tap the bottom to get the ketchup out, then I'm more likely to just create a little dipping puddle and call it a day.

Hence I only buy the squeeze bottles for better aim and accuracy on the fries. That brings me to my final point. If I have waffle fries, I'd much rather drizzle the ketchup on top like a mini French fry taco. Shoestrings are perfect for a think drizzle, and steak fries have enough surface area for a solid line of ketchup. I'll admit that steak fries are good for dipping, too, but it depends on my mood.

Who would have thought there would be so many variables to putting ketchup on your fries? Weigh in on the fun and let me know what your preference is on the Fun 107 app or email me at

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