Sephora can be expensive and all those high end makeup brands can make it hard to resist a good deal online.

The expense of high quality products may be worth it after all though, especially after finding out the dangers of fake makeup.

Most makeup online that’s listed as half the price is usually not authentic. Most luxury cosmetic and skin care companies rarely sell their products at a discount.

ou_lalaa_lindsay via Instagram
ou_lalaa_lindsay via Instagram

The counterfeit makeup industry has become a booming business and the potential side effects from buying this stuff can be scary!  According to a report from the City of London Police, these phony cosmetics have contained arsenic, mercury, lead, poison and rat droppings.

makeupforprincessblog via Instagram

Lab tests have even found poisonous chemicals and human urine in some products.

You are better off spending more money for safe and clean makeup, because after all you're putting this on your body and face. Shop at stores like Sephora, Macy's, Ulta and other reputable places to ensure that you are getting the good stuff!