It was recently announced The Cheesecake Factory will be adding its line of storefront products – which to be honest, I didn’t know even know they had – something they’re familiar with: ice cream.

The flavors will be original, chocolate, strawberry, key lime, cookies and cream, birthday cake, and salted caramel. On a personal note, my favorite ice cream and the one I would be most anxious to try is the birthday cake.

Evaluating the flavors, they’ve got the classics and a few more staples of most ice cream shops. I would say sticking with seven and just nailing down flavor is smart; being such a new product, there is no need yet to make a “Peanut Butter and Jelly” or “All Natural Wavy Gravy” like Ben and Jerry’s. As a matter of fact, please don’t make them ever.

They are expected to come out in March which really isn’t that far away (I guess they’ve had this in the works for quite a bit), and they each will come with 14 ounces of ice cream at a hefty $4.99. So I would say it’s still a much better bargain to get a slice of cheesecake at takeout for around $9. I mean, come on, those things are massive.

Also, I’m surprised they wouldn’t want to undercut already popular brands like Ben and Jerry’s and Halo Top, seeing they have a brand name people know, but they’re fairly unproven on this side of the business. I could see it being a product people buy once to try and then due to the price, I would say the average person just can’t splurge on that consistently.

All things considered, I would say this product may be good, and for sure it went viral, but in terms of it being a consistent staple in most households with an unproven flavor and high price tags, no thanks.

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