This is Nor'Easter #3 of the month...We know what we're doing with storms but here are some tips that go beyond "buy some canned soup." 

  1. Regardless of where you park your car, park it facing outward in case you need a jump.
  2. If a power outage is expected (like it is with this monster storm) turn your heat up very high the day prior or until you lose power. You want you to have as much heat in your home as possible.
  3. Here's how much water you need: 1 gallon of water per day, per person or pet, and enough for 3-4 days.
  4. If you do lose power, open all your cabinets under sinks and in bathrooms to let the heat get to the pipes. You don't want them freezing and bursting.
  5. Let your faucets drip - moving water takes longer to freeze.
  6. Fill your bathtub with water to have extra water to flush toilets, etc.
  7. Remember to put your phones on "Low Power Mode" and have portable battery packs charged.
  8. If you have to travel during the storm, put a snow shovel, blanket and snacks in your car.
  9. Put enough warm clothes for everyone in the house in one place - like a hall closet or bedroom. You don't want to be searching for your other glove, sock or thermal pants in the dark.
  10. Wash a ton of blankets and towels. If you need clean blankets, they'll be ready to use. If you need to stop drafts under doors or windows and the power is out, use a rolled towel to block the gap.

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