We here on the Southcoast are no strangers to winter storms. We deal with them every year but it doesn't stop anyone from asking these questions. 

1. "When is my trash going to get picked up??"

We get it - hauling out your trash bins and recyclables is a pain in the butt. Especially when they don't get picked up. However, in the event of a storm or holiday, most trash pick-up gets pushed back by a day (or two, depending on your town.) Your best bet is to follow your town's public works page on Facebook or your the trash company's website or Facebook to get information about delayed trash pickup.

2. "Is Dunkin on *insert street here* open??" 

We run on Dunkin. Even when there are 22 inches of snow on the ground and blizzard driving conditions. BUT keep in mind - employees at Dunks are just like you and me. They probably don't want to drive in and would rather weather the storm at home with Netflix. Dunkin USUALLY goes above and beyond to stay open but if you don't want to venture out to check if they're open, do you REALLY need to venture out to get coffee?

3. "How much snow is *insert town name* going to get??"

If you're asking this question on the Internet, there's a good chance you can find (or Google!) a snow map from any of the dozens of weather reports out there. We here on the Southcoast can expect anywhere from 12-18 inches locally, maybe up to 24 in the Plymouth County area. Stay up to date with Chelsea Priest from ABC6 here.


Ask any Public Works employee and they will probably tell you that this is the most dreaded question any time there is a storm. There is a method to how cities plow their street. The plow guys and ladies are working hard to make sure we can all get where we need to be while putting themselves in some pretty harsh driving conditions. Much like Dunkin employees (and the rest of us), they would probably like to be home with their families and appreciate when we appreciate them. If you know you have commitments that can't be broken despite the weather, game-plan ahead of time when you need to leave to make it to where you need to be. OR cancel all the things, like everyone else.

5. "How come there are no kids out shoveling people's driveways / walkways / side-walks / etc.??" *Insert rant about kid's playing too many video games here* 

I'm not really sure how to tackle this one. But every time it snows, I see someone complaining that there aren't enough kids out shoveling. Yes, everyone just wants to say today's youth are lazy, or entitled, or whatever else. But even if there aren't tons of kids out offering to shovel, there are lots of local folks who've built businesses off shoveling and plowing when bad weather hits. Some will even clean your cars! If you're going to pay someone to do it anyway, does it matter if it's 12-year-old Timmy or 32-year-old Timmy? Your driveway gets cleared either way!

We know some people genuinely need to know when their street will be plowed, or if there is someone who can help them shovel their driveway. Offer a helping hand during this storm, check in on elderly neighbors, invite friends over who lose power, and if you do hit the drive-thru, pay for the next person's coffee. Storms make everyone a little crazy so do something nice in the next couple days! We will, too! 


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