If you're not one for cooking on Easter, and would rather go out to eat with family and friends, this should help your decide your destination.

For my family and I, Easter brunch is everything.

Admittedly, one of the toughest decisions you'll make on Easter Sunday is the restaurant to which you'll be taking Grandma or Aunt Helen. Some people (like myself) prefer buffet style, while others prefer to order from a selected special menu for Easter. Either way, whichever style of food service you lean towards, deciding on where you eat is just as important, so buckle up- this list is the ultimate guide that will determine your Sunday brunch:

Bonus (Outside the SouthCoast):

Each restaurant has their own special flair and diverse menu, making it difficult to choose from, but at least this list is a good start to your Easter Sunday search. Either way, I hope you get to chow down amongst good friends, family and company.

Happy Easter!


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