As I continue my recovery from a cold virus that knocked me on my butt last week, I am trying my best to perform on the Rock and Fox Show.

My parents came down last night to pay me a visit. My mom brought me homemade chicken soup. Honest to God, it has been noticeably improving my voice as I drink the broth.

My mom also brought me down some heavy-duty cough medicine. I have been really having trouble sleeping at night because of all of the coughing, so she brought down some prescription cough syrup. I took some last night and slept like a log.

I came into work this morning, and just as the show was beginning I noticed that my coughing was starting up again. The cough medicine had worked so well last night that I decided to have some to knock out my cough during the show.

Bad idea.

Not only did I knock out my cough during the show, but I also managed to get sloshed on the air. I mean, I wasn't full-on drunk, but I was definitely impaired. My head was spinning, I felt dizzy when I was walking, and I felt like I was swaying back and forth when I was trying to stand. I'm not sure if I could have passed a sobriety test.

After the show was over, I closed the door to my office and crashed for a while on my couch. I felt like Don Draper on Mad Men.

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