I've just about had it. If Michael doesn't recover soon from his "man-flu," I think I might lose it.

It started more than two weeks ago when Michael came into work looking kind of tired and sounding like he had a head cold. He got through our four-and-a-half-hour-show but was definitely down for the count afterward. And because he is also the Operations Manager for Fun 107 and WBSM, his day technically starts when we finish up the Rock and Fox Show every morning, so of course he didn't head home to get rest and feel better, he ground it out.

Well, it only got worse. He completely lost his voice and was off the show for a few days. He had a terrible cough, a fever and chills and last Friday his doctor gave him strict orders to NOT TALK for the entire weekend. He said that if he followed his medical advice and did this he may have his voice back by this past Tuesday. Well, ask me if Michael followed his doctor's orders? Surprise! No, he did not.

My husband, myself, Michael and his wife Cindy were all together over the weekend on Saturday evening at the Friends of Jack Foundation Gala. And I wondered heading into this event, how will Michael "not talk" for this entire night? Not only did he talk – a lot – but when you are at events like this, you have to pretty much yell in order to carry on a conversation so that the person you are speaking with can actually hear you. Am I right?

So Monday comes, then Tuesday, Wednesday and here we are on Thursday morning and regardless of how much chicken noodle soup Michael has consumed, his voice is not much better. I get it and I know how frustrated he is with being sick and having a minimal "voice," if you will. But if he LISTENED to his doctor and kept his big trap shut over last weekend, maybe he'd be in a better place right now, don't you think? 🙄

With the amount of talking I've done in the past two weeks on the show to off-set Michael's lack of chit-chat, I am now SO SICK of my own voice I can barely stand it.😂

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