Group chats are the worst to begin with, but then there is always that one person in the group chat that doesn't have an iPhone.

I'm bringing this up because my family has a group chat going where we keep each other posted about what's going on in our lives. Of course, it's really a chat about how cute the toddler in the family is being at any given moment.

We do, however, have one family member – and I won't call them out here – that doesn't have an iPhone. If you have one then you understand the plight of sending pictures or trying to get everyone on FaceTime.

We went as far as to create a separate group chat for just for those of us that have iMessage so that when we send photos, they end up the right size and quality. Now I'm not trying to ostracize those that are Android users, but let's face it, we live in an Apple world now.

We can't be the only family that has this issue. Maybe you have that one droid-head in your group of friends? They insist on being different. Is it really about that, though? My personal preference is the iPhone, probably because it's all I have used for the past decade and what I have become comfortable with. I don't get those that use anything but.

Are you the droid user in your circle?

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