Must-eats in every state, most Googled Halloween costumes and a cool new feature for Android users.

best eats in every state

Surprisingly, it's not lobster or clam chowder. According to Thrillist, the must eat food here in Massachusetts is fried clams! Rhode Island is Grilled Margherita Pizza, New Hampshire is fried lobster tail and Maine is a lobster roll! Vermont though, might be the weirdest - sugar on snow. Which is basically maple syrup on shaved ice.

Can You Guess the Top 5 Most Searched Costumes?

Harley Quinn, Star Wars, Superhero, Pirate and Batman are the top 5 most searched Halloween costumes on Google. SO be on the lookout for all the Batmans you'll see again this year!

Google maps is rolling out a feature on its Maps app for Android users only and it's a gas price comparison tool. It allows you to optimize your trip for the cheapest and closest gas stations, which is great for people making a long trip over the upcoming holidays.


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