Everyone's got the latest iPhone or Android and using it to take amazing photos this summer, and one of people's favorite things to capture with them is a hummingbird. Those quick, tiny little birds seem to be everywhere lately, but you should be aware that not all "hummingbirds" you see around your garden are actually birds.

That's right, you could be capturing a photograph of a really cool moth.

I have been known to scream and even run away from moths and I'm pretty sure I'd do the same if I saw this thing. As beautiful as it looks in the photos, it would totally freak me out. I literally had never heard of such a thing until it was spotted and photographed at The Sawmill in Acushnet.

The photos on the Buzzard's Bay Coalition Facebook page are just stunning:

As harmless as these may be, they are a little freaky looking and while I probably shouldn't swat at them, I'm almost be tempted to bring out my fly zapper.

Its favorite nectar to feed on is that of honeysuckle. So if you have any of those in your yard, you may get a glimpse of these. If you look closely, you can see the moth's long tongue. These allow the moths to get the nectar deep inside the flower that other insects like bees can't get.

How you can quickly tell the difference? A hummingbird moth is about half the size of an actual hummingbird.

Have you seen any of these little insects flying around your garden? If so, we'd love to see some of your photos of them, or even your photos of actual hummingbirds as well. You can send them to us via the Fun 107 app, or you can comment under this post on our Facebook page.

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