A new horror film is coming to theatres next week and it puts a nightmarish twist on an otherwise wholesome holiday.

Thanksgiving, directed by Eli Roth, tells a gruesome tale that takes place in the town of Plymouth. It debuts in theatres on November 17th, but just by viewing the trailer, eagle-eyed Massachusetts natives will notice one crucial error about this film.

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Thanksgiving Just Got Gory

After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, the very birthplace of the beloved holiday.

Roth explained how the film pushes the boundaries of being rated R, citing test audiences felt the film went too far with its gore.

This movie is a slasher fan’s dream come true.

But Here’s Where It Goes Wrong

The trailer opens with a joyous parade in a small town and quickly cuts to a person seemingly preparing for a Thanksgiving meal, except the main course appears to be a woman. The unseen killer prepares her with a little bit of salt, a garnish, and a scrape of a knife.

The terror is interrupted by a quick pan of a quiet town, seemingly Plymouth, Massachusetts.

But is it?

This movie may take place in Plymouth, but it wasn’t completely filmed there. It was mostly shot in Canada.

“After years of false starts, Roth settled on a script set in the birthplace of Thanksgiving – Plymouth, Mass. (Eagle-eyed viewers will probably notice that production actually took place in Canada, however),” said The Boston Globe.

Seeing that Roth is a Natick native, filming in Plymouth would seem to be the logical choice, but according to IMDb and other outlets, much of the filming took place north of the border, with only a few shots being done in Plymouth.

It appears Thanksgiving will use some Hollywood magic to set the scene in Plymouth, and Roth is proving that Halloween isn’t the only holiday thatr provokes horror.

Thanksgiving debuts in theatres on Friday, November 17th.

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