Want to know the truth? I'm a man who prefers meat over plants.

If I had the option to have broccoli or bacon for a side, chances are I'm going with the bacon. So when Dunkin' released its latest line of "plant-based" sandwiches that would be an alternative to the usual pork sausage, I was very skeptical.

Now, thanks to rapper Snoop Dogg, I have a different perspective on the Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich.

Snoop recently teamed up with Dunkin' to release a different take on the plant-based sandwich that is made to satisfy your "munchie cravings."

The Beyond D-O-Double-G sandwich is made with a Beyond Breakfast sausage patty, egg, and cheese, and then sandwiched between one glazed donut that has been sliced in half. Snoop says that when he got the chance to work at Dunkin' for the Beyond Breakfast sausage sandwich launch, he was inspired to think about what other Beyond Meat sandwiches could be created.

Well, since the glazed donut is Snoop's favorite pastry on the donut line, he couldn't think of a better combination.

As with all good news, there's usually a downside, and there's definitely one here. The sandwich was announced on Monday and will only be around for a week.

I will say that I tried the Beyond D-O-Double G breakfast sandwich and could honestly house down a good three in one sitting. Want my opinion? Stop counting calories and give the sandwich a try. After all, we only have one life to live, so like Snoop Dogg's breakfast sandwich, enjoy it while it lasts.

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