Big stuff here on the Rock and Fox Show next week. It is Taylor Swift Week, and we are going to be blowing out Taylor Swift tickets every single day between November 4-8.

Let me try to explain how coveted these Taylor Swift tickets are going to be as we get closer and closer to the show: think about the level of demand there usually is when Taylor comes to Gillette. The last time she was here, she played four shows, and demand was through the roof. Next summer, she'll only play two shows.

Oh, I forgot to mention that her Lover tour is only stopping in two cities in the United States. Those two cities?  Los Angeles, California, and Foxboro, Massachusetts. Not New York, not Chicago, not Nashville. Taylor picked Gillette!

Now, think about the demand there will be for THOSE tickets. Everyone east of Chicago will be looking for tickets to this Foxboro show, and Fun 107 has stacks of them!

If you want to win tickets to the Taylor Swift show, the first step is to download the Fun 107 app to your phone. Monday morning, the Rock and Fox Show will have your first chance to win. You message them on the Fun 107 app, they announce your name on the air at 7:05, and you call back in under 10 minutes to claim your tickets to see Tay Tay.

We want to thank our friends at Avalon Medical Spa for helping us to give away all of these tickets. They were incredibly hard to get, but we knew you'd love them! Wouldn't they make an incredible Christmas present for a Swiftie in your family?

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