We passively watch a lot of great police and fire scanner calls get posted online, but these totally, 100% calls deserve to be written about.

Like many other media outlets, we follow a lot of the online police scanner groups to see what calls are happening in real time and for bigger stories, to see what additional context there is around the call - stuff that helps us understand the story as it unfolds.

Some of the calls are sweet - FD rescuing ducks from a storm drain- and some are super strange- Wild pig in the Fall River McDonald's Parking lot.

However, this past weekend we saw one great call from the Scan Middleboro page that we thought others would love to see. We don't know how it ended but are following the comment threads in case someone finally updates its.

If this isn't enough to get you to start turning on your local police scanner, here's one of our all time favorites from the Fall River Scanner Talk page on Facebook- the post that made us into super fans!

Fall River Scaner Talk Pizza Call
Fall River Scanner Talk Pizza Call

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