When her father’s longstanding thrift store began to overflow with items, Michaela Keene of Taunton decided to open her own thrift store with a new business model in mind.

Introducing Taunton Bins, bringing a “pay by the pound” model to Weir Street as Keene aims to give back to the community she loves so much.

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Keene’s father has been the owner of Taunton Thrift for the past 35 years and it’s often inundated with clothing and other items.

“He has a lot of overstock and we’ve been filling up donation bins all over town, so I decided to take the overstock from him,” said Keene.

Right next door to her father’s shop will be Keene’s new place. At 24 Weir Street, shoppers at Taunton Bins will pay by the pound for items like clothes, shoes, electronics, bags, decor, and everything in between.

“I like to do thrifting this way and it’s popular down south but not so much around here,” she said.

Customers pay $2 a pound on Friday and $1 a pound on Saturday as they shop through the giant bins in the store.

“It’s similar to GoodWill, but there are no family-owned places like this,” said Keene.

For Keene, it’s always been about giving back to those who needed a helping hand.

“I have a lot of friends that are in recovery and I enjoy donating to sober and halfway houses, it’s certainly rewarding,” she said.

Now, with her own brick-and-mortar, she can help the community on a bigger scale with budget-friendly shopping.

Taunton Bins is open the first and third weekend of every month.

Shopping just got a lot more affordable in Taunton thanks to the kind heart and smart thinking of the woman behind Taunton Bins.

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