Tattoos. If you have any, maybe you don't have just one, and at least one of them might scream you are from the SouthCoast.

Let me start by revealing that, yes, I have two tattoos. I'll leave their locations to your imagination. Subconsciously they were put in places I wouldn't be able to look at every day unless I contorted my body.

Neither of my tattoos screams where I'm from. Don't get me wrong. I'd now gladly wear my SouthCoast pride flag on my body, but my younger self definitely was rebelling.

 It was me against everyone, so much so that I hopped in the car with my friends, barely legal to get inked, and we dropped into this off-the-beaten-path tattoo parlor in Newport, Rhode Island late at night.
Looking back at the experience, I probably had the worst friends who egged me on. Regardless, I have no regrets and I have since found lasers to remove this rebellious act.

However, over this past summer, I noticed lots of tattoos at Round Hill and Horsekneck beaches that loudly and proudly screamed, "I'm from the SouthCoast!"  

It got me thinking... No, I don't want another tattoo, but if I did, what could I get that would scream where I'm from? Here's a little list, for starters:

Tattoos That Say You Are From the SouthCoast

Tattoos are more and more common these days. Odds are if you've got one tattoo, you likely have a second or are considering one. Also, you probably know someone with one of these common SouthCoast images on their body.

Got you thinking, too, didn't it? Is it time for some new ink? Maybe you already have some regrettable ink of one of these "basic" SouthCoast ideas?

The way I look at tattoos now is the same as I look at putting stickers on my car... The answer for me is no.

If you have any of these tattoos I'd love to see them (appropriate only please). Send them to me on the APP and we might add them to the list.

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