Most of us who have shopped at Target for years did not know this. The store actually has a secret, unadvertised weekly markdown schedule. You may have paid the full price for a certain item yesterday only to find that the very same thing was marked down today.

There's a website/blog called tha has actually revealed Target's secret markdown scheudle. According to blogger Christie, different departments at the store have markdowns on different days. Here's the schedule this expert shopper has shared with us:

-Monday: Electronics, Accessories, Kid's Clothing, Baby, Books, Stationery.

-Tuesday: Women's Clothing, Domestics, Pets, Market (food).

-Wednesday: Men's Clothing, Health & Beauty, Diapers, Lawn & Garden, Furniture.

-Thursday: Shoes, Toys, Housewares, Lingerie, Sporting Goods, Decor, Luggage.

-Friday: Auto, Cosmetics, hardware, Jewelry.

In her blog, Christie points out that this schdule could vary slightly from store to store. If you're not sure about the Target where you shop, she suggests getting to the store early to see which departments are adding those little red stickers.

Here in the southcoast area, Target stores are located on State Road in North Dartmouth, on GAR Highway in Swansea, Taunton Depot Drive in Taunton and on Cranberry Highway in Wareham.

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