Wooden toys sold at Target stores are being recalled by the retailer nationwide.

Nearly 500,000 toy cars are being recalled by Target due to a potential choking hazard they pose to children.

The cars in question are the Bullseye’s Playground wooden toy vehicles that come in firetruck, foodtruck, taxi, police car, caboose, Santa's sleigh, train and digger shapes.

Courtesy of CPSC

All eight of the Target toys can become dangerous to young children and parents are asked to take them away immediately.

Seems the wheels on these small vehicles can break off of the toys and pose a potential choking hazard.

If you've purchased any of these toys or the package of all eight from Target you can return them to any location for a full refund.

All affected toys have a white sticker on the bottom of the toys and would have the following item number, DPCI (model number), and UPC code on them.

Name Item# DPCI (Model Number) UPC
Caboose 89304 234-18-0100 765940893043
Santa in Sleigh 89297 234-18-0100 765940892978
Ice Cream Truck/Food Truck 89298 234-18-0100 765940892985
Train 89301 234-18-0100 765940893012
Police Car 89303 234-18-0100 765940893036
Firetruck 89302 234-18-0100 765940893029
Taxi 89300 234-18-0100 765940893005
Digger 89299 234-18-0100 765940892992
Toy Vehicles 8-Pack Assortment NA 234-20-0189 765940893159

There have been several reports of broken off wheels, though there are no injuries reported with this recall.

The toys were sold at Target stores nationwide and online at Target.com from October 2018 through November 2018 for about $1 for individual vehicles and for about $8 for the 8-pack.

You can check the "Product Recall" tab on Target's Facebook page for more information.