Need to get a new car seat for your child? You can save on the upgrade with the car seat trade-in event at Target.

Target is offering a coupon for 20% of a new car seat, booster seat, seat base, travel system or even stroller when you trade in that old car seat.

It's actually a deal that Toys R Us used to offer quite often, but obviously with them  going out of business, someone needed to pick up the slack.

And that someone is Target.

This deal always sounds pretty good to me. I mean experts say you can't re-use a car seat that is more than five years old, because the technology and safety features change so often,

So if you have a four-year-old ready for a booster seat, there's not much more you can do with your old car seat anyway.

Why not take it to Target and save 20% off the new seat you need to buy?

And now through May 5, can do just that!

Target stores across the country are accepting used car seats for another 10 days. You simply need to bring it in to Guest Services and they will issue you a 20% coupon for your car seat upgrade.

And the coupons are good through May 19, you don't have to buy anything new the same day.

It's all in honor of Mother Earth and Earth Day and all the seats collected will be given to Waste Management who will turn them into shopping carts, construction materials, plastic buckets and more!

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