A new way to fly from Boston to the Azores is coming for summer 2020.

TAP Air Portugal has been growing in North America in recent years and has now announced a new nonstop flight from Boston to the Azores.

Many travelers across the SouthCoast may be thrilled to hear this news, especially since Delta airlines announced the cancellation of their New York to Azores flights by next summer.

Seems TAP Air Portugal will instantly be picking up that slack.

As OneMileAtATime.com reports, TAP Air Portugal will be sharing a similar route as Azores Airlines but with larger, more comfortable planes

TAP operates A321LR aircrafts, which are newer and more fuel-efficient than other models. The seats in business class have lots of legroom, storage right next to your seat (instead of overhead) and are similar in size to first-class seats on other flights.

So you can be super comfy on your lengthy flight for less.

The plan is to operate five weekly flights from Boston to Ponta Delgada starting next summer. Though no exact date that those flights will begin has been announced just yet.

TAP Air Portugal is already offering flights from Boston to Lisbon, but these new flights will take you directly to the islands.

The airline will also be adding flights from Montreal to Lisbon next summer as they continue to grow in North America.

TAP Air Portugal only operates at out of eight airports in North America, but take over one million passengers to Portugal every year.

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