The 30-hour coffin challenge originally started at Six Flags at just a few of the nation's Six Flag locations but now, you can rise (or not rise) to the challenge at Six Flags New England. 

Each year, Six Flags across the country celebrate their annual Frightfest. The parks are decked out in Halloween decorations, there are tons of people in costume ready to scare the bejesus out of you, and most parks craft custom haunted houses to take your screams to MAX level.

This year, Six Flags New England, along with all the other Six Flags in the U.S. have a new, terrifying challenge for you: The 30-Hour Coffin Challenge. If you can last 30 hours inside of a closed coffin, you could win yourself a cash prize of $300 and a Gold Pass to Six Flags for the 2019 season.

There are, however, some ground rules: If you are going to be the coffin dweller, you are allowed to bring a buddy during only park hours. But they must leave when the park closes and then you are alone with the FrightFest cast and the empty park. Which actually does sound more than a little creepy. During the 30 hours, you are only allowed out of the coffin for designated bathroom breaks. That's it. If you leave the coffin for any other reason, you are disqualified.

Here's what Six Flags will provide (and read the first and last closely):

  • Deluxe, slightly used coffins;
  • All meals in bed…aka, coffin;
  • One, six-minute bathroom break every hour;
  • Phone charging stations for posting panic-filled moments on social media; and
  • Random, terrifying visits by the Fright Fest Freaks.

I'm not sure if "slightly used" means by actual dead people...But that's one way to kick things off with ultra weird vibes.

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