Three Attleboro High School Students Push THC to its Limits
Two sophomores and a senior from Attleboro HIGH School (see what I did there 😉) were hospitalized recently after consuming too much THC at once, most likely giving them extremely bad anxiety and some very red eyes.
The Sun Chronicle reported that Police Chief Kyle Heagney confirmed these reports and…
Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana for the SouthCoast
A lot has obviously been made about legalized marijuana in Massachusetts since it was approved by the voters back in 2016. Most people know that medical marijuana has been around for quite some time in the state, but they have no idea that medical and recreational marijuana sales can be to…
Freetown Says No to Retail Marijuana!
Freetown - MA
Every vote counts.
Freetown held this election on Saturday, and only 7% of registered voters went to the polls and it was still an extrememly close race.
219 voted yes and 195 voted no (via: The Standard Times)
So even though the town voted in majority for recreational marijuana in 2016, b…
New Freetown Marijuana Facility in the Works
The big "CATS" are out plowing like never before in Freetown, because this time they are plowing for a marijuana greenhouse. I can see the smoke from here...
The facility will certainly be putting a lot of people to work and will start for medical marijuana and transition to recreat…
The Southcoast Shakeup in 2018
The Southcoast has the potential for some crazy changes in 2018, here's my top 3!
1. Marijuana
According to The Standard Times, in a short 7 months... it may be perfectly legal to go into your local weed shop, sit down, smoke marijuana, and leave like normal...

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