A lot has obviously been made about legalized marijuana in Massachusetts since it was approved by the voters back in 2016. Most people know that medical marijuana has been around for quite some time in the state, but they have no idea that medical and recreational marijuana sales can be totally different.

Here are some of the differences:

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    The first place to legalize recreational cannabis was Colorado, so it's likely they have set the precedent for the states who have now followed. In Colorado, if you to the heart of a major city, or where there are a lot of options (as expected because of supply and demand) prices will be lower than cities that have only one dispensary in a 100-mile radius. Also, recreational patients will have to pay state and local tax up to 20 percent while medical patients will be tax exempt.

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    Medical Comes First

    Dispensaries are required to take care of medical patients first, as they should. They are required to have 35 percent of their product set aside at all times to ensure medical patients get their medicine. Seems fair.

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    Drug Testing at Work

    The precedent has been set in Massachusetts and Rhode Island: you cannot be fired at your job for using medical cannabis. But for the recreational users, please keep in mind that just because it's legal, doesn't mean your employer can't fire you for using it.

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