A particularly interesting research study was posted by Brown University recently, and they have their eyes on entertaining test subjects

For the love of science, let's party! Brown University is always making huge strides in the medical field, but now they are looking for help from someone like you.

The University's Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies recently released this call for volunteers in the Rhode Island, SouthCoast and  Southern Massachusetts area.

"Marijuana and Alcohol Research Study (Project M.A.R.S.) is looking for volunteers ages 21-44. Eligible participants must be current alcohol drinkers and marijuana users to participate in confidential research on the effects of marijuana and alcohol at Brown University. Receive up to $407 by completing the study. Call 401-863-6688 or email ProjectMARS@brown.edu."

The study is confidential and will be focusing on the effects of marijuana and alcohol. The researchers are looking for a current alcohol and marijuana users who have not partook in any other forms of drugs or substances.

Did I mention they will pay you for doing the study? Let me say it louder for the people in the back: Brown University will PAY YOU up to $407 to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. For research. My initial reaction was as follows:

Like.. this is too good to real, right? Ashton Kutcher isn't waiting on the other side of the research room with a camera crew getting ready to punk us, is he? Brown really wants to pay people to ignore responsibilities for four days of their life and live like they're in a music video. Someone needs to sign up for this and tell us how it goes.

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