Paul Revere Sign

Paul Revere Sign Is Coming Down
The City of New Bedford is in the process of removing the Paul Revere sign from a billboard overlooking Interstate 195.
The sign's removal has been rumored to happen for over a year. City officials including Mayor Jon Mitchell have said the sign's infrastructure needed to be reinforced to e…
The Paul Revere Sign Must Come Down
We've all driven by it travelling east on 195.  It seems like yesterday that you could see Paul Revere riding on his neon horse. Sometimes the neon would blow out, or stuck in mid stride, and eventually the Paul Revere sign just stopped working altogether.  Now, there's talk of r…
Paul Revere Sign
Just received a press release from the mayor's office saying that the city will take down the neon sign of Paul Revere on horseback that you see as you drive in to New Bedford on I-195.